Most Farmers Don’t Know…

Most farmers don’t know that glyphosate (Round*p) is an antimicrobial.

Most farmers don’t know that microbes are responsible for feeding plants the nutrients they need.

Most farmers don’t know that their entire farming operation depends on microbes and they continue to spray chemicals multiple times per year that kill the microbes.

Most farmers don’t know that glyphosate is a chelator. Every time they spray it on their fields glyphosate is grabbing onto minerals and holding tight, ensuring the minerals are NOT available to the plant that so desperately needs them.

Most farmers don’t know that there is not a pesticide that does not kill microbes.

Most farmers only have a vague idea of how to nourish soil microbes.

Most farmers don’t know what microbes need to live. They don’t know where microbes live or what they do. I’m surprised our soil even has microbes anymore.

Most farmers don’t know that not only do our GMO chemicals kill microbes, but that the GMO plants themselves discourage beneficial microbial growth.

Most farmers don’t know that the chemical residue on harvested crops is killing the microbiome in humans and wreaking havoc on our health.

As a farmer, I didn’t know these things either and then I turned 40 and started reading. I read:

  1. Hidden Half of Nature by David Montgomery and Ann Biklé
  2. Science in Agriculture by Dr. Arden Andersen
  3. Mainline Farming for Century 21 by Dan Skow & Charles Walters
  4. The Biological Farmer by Gary Zimmer
  5. Biological Ionization as applied to Farming & Soil Management by Dr. A. F. Beddoe, D.D.S.
  6. Teaming with Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis

and more…

I listened to everything I could find by Glen Rabenberg here and here. I discovered John Kempf, Steve Westin, and Thomas Dykstra. I spent hours in the tractor listening to these guys.

I now have hope that the land I pass on will be better than what I received.


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